Glenn Colley

Christ, The Church, and The Home
Speaker: Glenn Colley




The church of Christ in Purcellville is pleased to present to you to a series of lessons that are intended to strengthen and instruct each of us individually, and help restore God's pattern for joyous and loving homes.

Glenn Colley, evangelist for the West Huntsville Church of Christ, in Huntsville, Alabama, presents a series of lessons on "Christ, the Church, and the Home." Glenn is a frequent and popular speaker on the Christian lecture circuit and his wife, Cindy, is also a respected speaker to women's groups on these topics. Both Glenn and Cindy have authored books and developed classroom material concerning the Christian family and other important Biblical issues.


WARNING! The family, the building block of every successful society, is being viciously attacked! 

Sex outside of marriage, drug and alcohol abuse, physical and verbal abuse, and other harmful behaviors are destroying lives and breaking up many homes. As the God-ordained institution of holy matrimony is assaulted, the outcomes are as predictable as they are painful - the family crumbles, children are abused, neglected, and discarded, and our nation teeters on the very brink of moral bankruptcy.

 The good news is that if we will adhere to the Bible's teachings about the family and home, we can renew our individual lives, families, community, and nation.

       Sunday, March 21

Living a Morally Pure Life in an X-rated Society

The Old Testament Calvary  filespeaker

The Church's Role in Strong Families  file speaker

Monday, March 22

Great Incentives for Families to Obey the Gospel  file speaker

Tuesday, March 23

The Right Way for Husbands to Love Their Wives  file speaker

Wednesday, March 24

The Proper Care and Feeding of Children  file speaker

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