Kent Bailey 1

Great Questions of the Bible
Speaker: Kent Bailey
Kent Bailey


The church of Christ in Purcellville held a gospel meeting themed Great Questions of the Bible. Kent Bailey has served as pulpit minister over 25 years in Tennessee and Georgia. Mr. Bailey speaks frequently around the country at lectureships and Gospel meetings.                                

Lesson topics are:

March 11
10:00 AM
Who is the Lord That I should Obey His Voice? Exodus 5:2 listen save
March 11
11:00 AM
What is Truth? John 18:38 listen save
March 11
06:30 PM
What is Man? Psalm 8:4 listen save
March 12
07:30 PM
If a Man Die, Shall He Live Again? Job 14:14 listen save
March 13
07:30 PM
What Think Ye of Christ? Matthew 22:42 listen save
March 14
07:30 PM
What Shall I Do Then with Jesus? Matthew 27:22 listen save
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