Stan Crowley

The Work of the Holy Spirit
Speaker: Stan Crowley

The church of Christ in Purcellville invites you to hear six lessons on the popular and timely theme, The Work of the Holy Spirit.

  Mr. Crowley, of Schertz, Texas, began his fulltime ministry work in 1996 and is currently preaching in Schertz. He has held gospel meetings in Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and several other states in the central and western parts of the USA, including Alaska. Mr. Crowley has also continuously taught Bible classes since he was in high school, teaching primarily adult classes since 1977. He preaches in lectureships and gospel meetings and has authored numerous articles in publications such as Gospel Journal, Gospel Advocate, Christian Bible Teach, and Firm Foundation. Mr. Crowley also served as an elder in Woodbridge, Virginia, for 14 years.
October 04
10:00 AM
Applying Good Study Methods of the Holy Spirit Passages speaker save pdf
October 04
11:00 AM
The End of Miracles speaker save pdf
October 04
06:30 PM
The Holy Spirit as a Revealer of God's Message to Man speaker save pdf
October 05
07:30 PM
The Holy Spirit as a Confirmer of the Revealed Message speaker save pdf
October 06
07:30 PM
The Gift and the Promise (Acts 2:38-39) speaker save pdf
October 07
07:30 PM
Does the Holy Spirit Intercede for Christians Today? speaker save pdf

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