This page contains links to web sites external to ours. Please note that although we endeavor to thoroughly review all web sites to which we link and have a policy of linking only to those that we believe are teaching biblically sound doctrine, a link to a certain site does not necessarily mean that we endorse everything you might find on that site.

Acts 17:11 teaches us to search the scriptures daily to ensure the truth of things that are taught about God and His will. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the materials on our website or those contained in the links below.

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Online Bible Study and Lessons

Sermons at Purcellville
Sunday and Gospel meeting sermons from the church in Purcellville. Streaming audio for online listening and downloadable audio to burn to CD.
Searching for Truth
Online series of six lessons in streaming video. Includes versions with American Sign Language and English subtitles for the hard of hearing. Access is free.
Truth for the World
Mission work of the churches of Christ under the oversight of the Olive Branch Church of Christ and supported by other congregations and individual Christians. Truth for the World also broadcasts on television and radio.
Online Academy of Biblical Studies
Live, interactive Bible classes online for the serious Bible student. Registration is free. Archives of past classes may be audited at your own pace with no required registration. Comprehensive set of courses, including a study of New Testament Greek.



Spiritual Sword
Sponsored by the Getwell church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee. Alan E. Highers, editor.
The Christian Courier
Sponsored by the East Main Street church of Christ in Stockton, California. Wayne Jackson, editor.
House to House, Heart to Heart
A bi-monthly mailer for local communities, featuring relevant articles about the issues of our times.

Bookstores and Publishers

Christian Family Bookstore
Tucker's Bookstore located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Hanna Publications
Books and Bible class materials for ladies, teens and children. Some materials reproducible.
Free age-appropriate Bible worksheets and VBS materials. Download and print. Online teacher forums.

Other Resources

Free software for your Windows PC and handheld devices. Provides numerous Bible translations, including non English translations, Greek and Hebrew texts, dictionaries, maps, and satellite imagery. We do not endorse the commentaries and devotionals found on this site.
Bible InfoNet
Large collection of conservative Christian resources.
Apologetics Press
In the late 1970s, there was a need to make available scripturally sound and scientifically accurate materials in apologetics among the churches of Christ. The idea for Apologetics Press was born.