We are located at 604 Yaxley Drive, Purcellville, Virginia

Sunday Morning First Service: 9:00AM

Bible Class: 10:15AM

Sunday Morning Second Service: 11:15AM

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:30PM

Many churches of Christ hold services on Sunday morning and evening, and this congregation did so for many years. However, the elders decided some time ago to add another worship service on Sunday morning and eliminate the service on Sunday night. This was done primarily to reduce the amount of time spent traveling on Sunday as some of our members live in different areas of northern Virginia and a few drive 45 minutes to over an hour to reach our facility in Purcellville.

Unlike many congregations which have two morning services and bring the same lesson at each one, the sermon topics at Purcellville’s Sunday morning services are different. For that and other reasons, the elders ask the church’s members to attend both services and Sunday school, which is held between them.